What is Twinkly?

 Twinkly is a new and exciting Kalanchoe variant that stands out from the rest for its bright colours.

Kalanchoe Twinkly is a beautiful, very richly flowering houseplant that adds a splash of colour to every interior. This extraordinary Kalanchoe has more flowers than any other Kalanchoe, is colourfast, and is guaranteed to bloom to the last bud. Add to that the fact that the Twinkly needs relatively little care, and this Kalanchoe is the ideal plant!

 Originally from Africa and Asia, the Kalanchoe primarily flourished in the Savannah, meaning it is used to extreme temperature differences, so it can easily survive the garden. Twinkly flourishes in direct sunlight, which intensifies the colour of the flowers. If the temperature drops under 5°C, it is better to move the plant inside. This succulent plant needs little water.

Care tips

    Water with 1-2 splashes of water a week
    Best suited to temperatures between 5 and 25°C
    Well-suited to direct sunlight in which it flourishes